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Customer service tips to calling & contacting Qantas faster. By contacting Qantas customer service number, you can get your common issues solved & customer reviews.

Qantas Phone Number

13 13 13 – Customer Service

You can contact Qantas customer support by calling 131313 number directly or call Qantas customer care at the phone number 022 6111 1818 from abroad. As soon as you speak with a representative, you should have a fair solution to your problem that is relatively fast, You can contact during 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact Qantas on one of the numbers listed below to get all the information you need to help change a flight, check-in online, provide feedback, find lost property and more.

You can call Qantas customer service number and generally discuss for following topics

  • Flight bookings
  • Inquiries for Frequent Flyer members
  • Refunds
  • Lost, damaged or delayed baggage
  • Making a new booking
  • Lost property
  • Technical support

Qantas Airways Australia Regular Business Hours

Mon to Friday: 24 Hours
Saturday – Sunday: 24 Hours

Contact Qantas customer service

In case you’ve got an issue or fault with service, you can tell your problems to Qantas support department on 13 13 13

If you want to report any Qantas lost, late or damaged baggage or in case you’ve got a significant issue about Qantas device that’s a danger to public security, contact their helpline support number at 1300 306 980 that is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Qantas scam assistance

What to do if you received suspicious communication from Qantas via email, phone or social media.

Qantas will never ask customers to click a link to download a file about bookings from a website, including their own. They send important documents that relate to your booking as PDF files that you can download directly.

Below are some examples of scams that have recently been sent out to customers. If you receive one of these emails we recommend you delete it immediately and do not open it or download the attachment.

Scam phone calls, SMS and Facebook scams or suspicious emails

Qantas aware that some customers are receiving automated phone calls purporting to be from Qantas. These calls are not from qantas airways, and can easily be identified as unauthentic. Qantas consultants will always call customers directly to discuss their bookings and do not use an automated phone system when contacting customers proactively.

Recipients are advised not to provide personal details or respond to the automated prompts.

Scammers use a range of mechanisms, including “harvesting” programs that scour numerous sources on the Internet, to look for customer information. It is also often the case that the recipients of the scam are not customers of the company purporting to make the phone call – which is why individuals who are not necessarily Qantas customers might have also received a phone call.

Authorities have been advised of the scam calls and are investigating.

General Problems that Qantas Customers Reports

I wish to change my flights

Issue with frequent flyer booking

How to apply for a refund?

Difficult to get my online check in and and not get my boarding pass

Common Problem Categories

  • Change, cancel or add to a booking
  • Delays or cancellations
  • Refunds
  • Lost, damaged or delayed baggage
  • Making a new booking
  • Cancel flight

About Qantas

Qantas is widely regarded as the world’s leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands & largest airline and flag carrier for Australia. The birth of Qantas was in outback Queensland and they remain as an airline that connects regional Australians to all corners of the world. Contact Qantas to discover more using our customer support telephone number. Find more info at


Where can I complain to Qantas?
If you would like to tell us about an experience with Qantas, you can provide your feedback via our Customer Care Form.

Where is Qantas based in Australia?
Qantas is a founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance. The airline is based in the Sydney suburb of Mascot, adjacent to its main hub at Sydney Airport.

What is Qantas most complained about?
The ACCC began investigating Qantas cancellations after being inundated with complaints. Qantas was the most complained about company in the past two financial years, the ACCC said, and 50% of those complaints last year – about 1,300 instances – were related to cancelled flights.

What are the weaknesses of Qantas?
Weaknesses. High Operating Costs: Qantas, like other full-service carriers, faces high operating costs due to labor expenses, fuel costs, and aircraft maintenance. These costs can impact profitability, especially during economic uncertainty or increasing competition.

Hopefully, We helped you to get some genuine customer service numbers for Qantas Australia.

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Qantas Customer Reviews

Average rating:  
 21 reviews
 by susan Good on Qantas Australia

131313 forget it ,it's an absolute , waited for 4 and a half hours no body picked up.

Our flights have changed and Qantat tell us to phone urgently.....right oh how?

Qantas you are a laughing stock......Never again

 by Chris on Qantas Australia

Waited more than 4 hours, hung up and then sent an email which bounced back. I've now written a snail mail letter. I live in hope!

 by marbeth on Qantas Australia

Im in contact with you as I want to claim my refund. A Flight that you cancelled yourself. a refund was requested about month ago, but nothing came.

I have been trying to call so many times without any success. they let you wait for hours, so i have to hang up as i don't have time to wait for over an hour. I call everyday with the same experience.

i have also sent an email but just bounce back to me. Why are you avoiding.

very very bad customer service. i will not use qantas again ever.