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Optus webmail is your free email service and your own username@optusnet.com.au address you can use on mac/pc, mobile, tablet.

This online service for Optus Webmail has all you need including: Mail, drafts, spam filter (for mail), folders and online storage. Just enter your optus webmail username & password and enjoy.

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Questions asked by People

What is Optus webmail?

Optus Webmail allows you to quickly access your e-mail from any computer with an Internet connection and a browser. Optus Webmail lets you send, receive, forward, save and delete e-mails from your Optus e-mail account.

How do I reset my Optus webmail password?

Here is the step by step guide to reset your webmail password.

Account Holders can view, add or remove Fixed Broadband & Mobile Broadband OptusNet usernames / email accounts or change their corresponding passwords.

  • Log in with your My Account username, not your service number. If you can’t remember your My Account login details, see this article first
  • Navigate to Your Services, select the relevant service, click on Settings
  • Go to My Optus Email Accounts, click Manage Account
  • Click Generate Password against the email account you need to reset the password for
  • A temporary password will be sent to the mobile contact number listed in My Account
  • If you do not have a mobile number listed, it will be sent to your listed email account
  • If the email account you have listed is the same as the one you need to reset the password for, then you will need to update your contact preferences in My Account
  • Log into OptusNet Webmail using your temporary password
  • In a new tab, log back into My Account and go to My Optus Email Accounts
  • Click Change Password against the email account you need to set a permanent password for
  • Enter your temporary password in the Current Password field
  • Enter you preferred password into the New password field and re-enter.
  • Click Change Password. You can now log into your OptusNet Webmail account with your preferred password

How do I set up Optus email?


  • Open Mail
  • From the ‘Mail’ menu bar: Go to ‘Mail’
  • Click ‘Preferences’
  • Click ‘Accounts’
  • Select the ‘+’ on the bottom left hand corner
  • Add Account: Enter the following information. Replace ‘eg John Citizen’ or ‘eg john_citizen’ with your own details
    – Full Name: ‘eg John Citizen’
    – Email address: eg john_citizen@optusnet.com.au
    – Password: As supplied to you by Optus
  • Click ‘Continue’
  • Incoming Mail Server: Enter the following information. Replace ‘eg john_citizen’ with your own details.
    – Account type: ‘POP’ or ‘POP3’
    – Description: OptusNet
    – Incoming Mail Server: mail.optusnet.com.au
    – User Name: ‘eg john_citizen’
    – Password: As supplied to you by Optus
  • Click ‘Continue’
  • Incoming Mail Security:
    – SSL should NOT be automatically selected
    – Authentication should be set to ‘Password’
  • Click: ‘Continue’
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
    Outgoing Mail Server: mail.optusnet.com.au (Select from the dropdown menu)
  • Click: ‘Continue’
  • Click: ‘Create’

What is the Optus email server address?

Network Service Service Settings
Primary Domain Name Server
Secondary Domain Name Server
Domain Name Suffix optuszoo.com.au
POP3 (incoming) Mail Server mail.optusnet.com.au (port 110)
SMTP (outgoing) Mail Server mail.optusnet.com.au (port 25)
Time (NTP) Server time.optusnet.com.au
WebSpace FTP Server (Host) members.optuszoo.com.au (port 21)
myZOO Home Page www.optuszoo.com.au
Your Email Address username@optusnet.com.au

How do I check my Optus plan?

These options are available 24/7 and are free to use in Australia.

  • Monitor your usage & Account balance via My Account
  • Take note of automated usage alerts sent via SMS (compatible plans only)
  • Check your usage or balance via SMS: Text the number 1(one) for balance the number 2 (two) for usage to 9999
  • Check your account balance by calling: 1509
  • Download the My Optus app

How do I access webmail?

Here are the steps to access Optus webmail 

  • Log in to cPanel.
  • In the EMAIL section of the cPanel home screen, click Email Accounts.
  • Under Email Accounts, locate the e-mail account that you want to access, click More, and then click Access Webmail.
  • If this is the first time you are accessing webmail for the account, select the webmail application that you want to use.
  • The webmail interface appears.

7 Ways to Contact Optus

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Optus Customer Reviews

Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by A. Nonumus. on Optus Australia

The worst of the worst for customer support.

Watched my friend today make 7calls to support (3calls on hold 1.5hrs) 1 to complaints (2hrs on hold before answered)..Alll overseas operators. Whilst they could spesk English they had little to NO comprehnsion of it. The operators for the most part were of NO help and cut her off when she adked to speak to a supervisor or be put through to Australia..

Changing providers !

Far Q optus !!

 by Arron Tai on Optus Australia

I’ve seen the campus and is huge! So much places to go to. There’s tons of places to eat. It’s also quite nice in the buildings.