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Email support by Temple & Webster Australia customer service email @ service@templeandwebster.com.au

Why do customers write email to Temple & Webster
  • Update account details
  • Complaint
  • Report issue
  • Order issue
  • Technical issue
  • A different issue

Contact Temple & Webster Email Service – service@templeandwebster.com.au

Send an email to customer support at service@templeandwebster.com.au Compose an email that includes all of the important information, such as product Number, Product type, and your contact information. Explain the issue in as much detail as possible and wait for a response from customer service.

As an alternative, you can email Temple & Webster at one of the support email addresses given below. To make process simple, fast and efficient, it might be helpful if you included sufficient information in your email address to let them verify your identity, including your present address, date of birth, phone details etc.

For General Inquiries : service@templeandwebster.com.au

Business support email : business@templeandwebster.com.au

Customer support Email : support@templeandwebster.com.au

For Communication Email : media@templeandwebster.com.au

Other Email address : recall@templeandwebster.com.au, careers@templeandwebster.com.au

Temple & Webster Customer Email Support

Email address service@templeandwebster.com.au
Mailing Department Temple & Webster Customer Service
Customer service hours 24 hours, 7 days
Is Call-back available No
Normal response time 24 Hours
Alternate methods phone, web, chat, social media
Quality of help 83%
Best phone number 1300 900 675

Contacting Temple & Webster – by Email or otherwise

Even though service@templeandwebster.com.au is Temple & Webster’s best email, you will find 4 complete ways of getting in contact with them. Apart from email, the upcoming favorite alternative for customers searching for assistance is through Phone number support for Temple & Webster Australia. If you feel this information is wrong or know of other ways to get Temple & Webster, please let us know so we can discuss with other consumers.

Head Office Address

Corporate Head office address of Temple & Webster Australia.
1A 1-7 Unwins Bridge Road,
St Peters,
NSW 2044, Australia

For any general inquiries, please contact Temple & Webster head office number : +61 1300 900 675

Temple & Webster Customer Reviews

Average rating:  
 20 reviews

I like it a lot, will absolutely follow this up essay writing service

 by Horn Wijaya on Temple & Webster Australia

I ordered 3 x DBL bedframe from the site, money paid instantly, order arrived within the week. 2 sets were set up, nice and done, while the last set had a show stopper, missing parts. My daughter had been sleeping on the floor in the meantime as the item was halfway done.

First of all, I couldn't find the Customer Support phone number anywhere on the site. So I chatted with the online Chat. And I lodged in my issue, I emailed them too, only to get reply the next day. I received a call the next day, and I made it clear that I bought the items FROM TW, NOT from any dodgy supplier. the boxes were labelled by TW, not supplier. TW is not a marketplace, is it?

So the CS went through part list with me, took all the details, emailed the Supplier and called the supplier TWICE while I waited, no answer. The CS said that he wouldn't be working the next day.

Next day: .... I didn't get any update from TW, so I chatted again as I didn't have the phone number. The chat staff gave me eventually. But I was passed along like a dirt ball by 4 online CS. First CS, said that my missing parts would be despatched the next day. WOW, I was happy but why no one updated me that? Suddenly I was faced with second CS, said that my missing parts HAS BEEN DESPATCHED. Again, WOW, but why I had to call in to get update myself? Where's the proactiveness of CS? Third CS took over, and said that no reply from Supplier. OMG, everyone just made up stories as they went along.

So That was it, i picked up the phone and called. It was a call centre in Philippines, and everyone worked from home, and no one is authorized to do anything. I talked to a CS, and I reiterated that I had a business with TW, NOT any supplier, and I asked her to understand my daughter's condition at the moment. I didn't even mind to go pick up the two metal rods from the supplier, I could drive.

Why the supplier took so many days to reply TW?

TW not big enough to be of a concern?

or too many problems that they didn't have time to reply?

I asked her to call, and she said supplier had no phone number... ????? So yesterday's calls to suppliers were an act?

Lastly, this was the best part, she asked me to source the part myself at Bunnings. I said I walked Bunnings almost everyday, these were custom parts, and furthermore I would charge TW 600 dollars for my professional fee, can I bill TW for that? "I was only able to refund 102 dollars"

She kept asking for full refund scenario which I didn't want to give in. To me, Refund is an escape of a problem, a coward way of doing business. People ddo not want the money, people want the product. Refund is not solving anything, besides solving TW problem. Customer will still be the only party taking in the pain of emotion, time, frustration, and still end up with nothing.

So eventually I said I wanted to talk to her supervisor, but supervisor not available....Then I wanted to talk to supervisor's supervisor in Sydney.

Basically the whole conversation was full of nonsense that no one could bluff me with. I had experience in running ecommerce system, and warehouse and am a "handyman" by experience. CS job is to solve problems, NOT putting blame, passing emails, forwarding emails, expecting customers to be their job by calling in everyday for an update.

I even asked them to make a new order for me, thinking that Supplier might be more willing to send new order rather than 2 items, and then I will just unpack and take 2 items from the box and reject delivery, to be Returned to Sender.

I foresee this problem will last at least 2 weeks at least, which meant my daughter would have slept on the floor for 2 weeks, who would compensate me for that?

TW is definitely look like a marketplace, rather than a brand itself. People don't put their brand in the marketplace products, and people let customers deal with suppliers directly in a marketplace. If TW wants to come in the middle of everything, please exert your role as the middle man. Don't keep blaming Supplier and evade responsibilities.

So sick and tired of people taking cheap ways of doing business.

Thanks for sharing this! I’m delighted with your blog, where such important moments are captured. All the best!

Hopefully, We helped you to get some genuine Contact numbers for Temple & Webster Australia Customer Service.

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