Ozsale Customer Service

Customer service tips to calling & contacting ozsale faster. By contacting Ozsale customer service number, you can get your common issues solved & customer reviews.

Ozsale Phone Number

02 8081 0972 – Customer Service

You can reach Ozsale customer support by calling 02 8081 0972 number directly. As soon as you speak with a representative, you should have a fair solution to your problem that is relatively fast, You can contact during working hours Monday to Friday: 09:00 am – 5:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday: Closed.

You can call Ozsale customer support number and generally discuss for following topics

  • Change Order
  • Cancel Order
  • Customer Support
  • Return & Exchange issue
  • Delivery Issue
Call 02 8081 0972 – Ozsale Business Care

This is the direct, Business customer service line for any and all Ozsale issues. Start here to get your business service set up with Ozsale,  help with Delivery, get your account managed and Experiencing a problems or issue with your service? They can help you.

Call 02 8081 0972 – Ozsale Enterprice Customers

This is the direct, Enterprice customer service line for any and all Ozsale issues.

General Problems that Ozsale Customers Reports

How do I place an order?

How do I check the status of my order?

What is the return and exchange policy?

Common Problem Categories

  • Order issue
  • Delivery issue
  • Customer Support
  • Overcharge/Strange charge
  • Cancel service

About Ozsale

Ozsale is an online shopping club providing branded fashion and homeware products for men, women and children. Ozsale is the number 1 members-only online shopping club in Australia and your doorway to affordable designer fashion. Every day we host sales for the top fashion brands in the world. Contact Ozsale to discover more using our customer support telephone number.


How do I contact Ozsales?
Ozsale Pty Ltd
(02) 8081 0972.
Send Email CMS@apacsale.com.
http://www.ozsale.com.au (opens in a new window)

Who is the owner of Ozsale?
It didn’t take long for Carl Jackson and his brother Jamie to know they were on to something big when they launched members-only retailer Oz Sale in 2007.

Is Ozsale a legitimate site?
The Verdict. In conclusion, OzSale is legit – but with a few caveats. The website offers mind-blowing deals on various products backed by a commitment to authenticity and quality control.

Where can I check if an online store is legit?
When checking an e-commerce site’s credentials, start with the address bar. Often, hackers will use URLs that are very close to the real site’s URL but not quite the same. Look for typos or use Google to see if a search takes you to the same page. Also, look for a padlock icon in the address bar.

Hopefully, We helped you to get some genuine customer service numbers for Ozsale Australia.

Ozsale Customer Reviews

Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Meliza on Ozsale Australia

Ozsale is my go to online store. I have absolute trust I will get what I bought quickly. My only mishap was one of my last orders the wrong size was sent which I’m hoping something can be achieved by letting Ozsale know. It was an item of critical importance. I have dealt with Ozsale for many years and will continue for the rest of my life. Perfect transactions almost every time.

 by Flavia Fontana on Ozsale Australia

Poor for men. Better for women (20x more inventory). But this feels very much like the place where the dregs all go. Don't expect to try on the more-expensive jackets etc as they're probably not there.